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Starting issues Scooter

When your scooter suddenly won’t start anymore, there can be several causes. Below a few examples and solutions.

The spark plug
Often, a worn or dirty / oily plug causes starting problems of your scooter. After a couple of thousand kilometers the spark plug is worn out, but can also be dirty, oily or wet. Therefor, always try a new spark plug first.

The fuel
The fuel is finished. Make sure there is fuel in your tank. 😛 (even when the gauge indicates different).

Nozzle clogged
The (main) spray in the carburetor is clogged with a dirt.

Faulty ignition
There may be something wrong with the ignition.

Carburetor adjustment
The carburetor is not properly adjusted. There are a couple of screws on the carburetor, which ensure that the incoming fuel and air is mixed in the right proportion so that the cylinder receives the correct mixture. Even with the slightest adjustment issues there will be starting problems.

The air filter gives too little or too much air to the carburetor. If you only have taken the gag from the air you have to put it back again. Or there may be too much junk in the filter so too little air is drawn.

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