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Clutch Check

If your scooter loses speed for a few seconds, or when you smell something burning, we recommend that you have the clutch checked.

How the clutch operates

The coupling shoes inside the clutch are held inside by pulling springs. When stationary, they make no contact with the surrounding bus, which have a connection to the rear wheel. The motor can now rotate freely.

If you open the throttle, the shoes are thrown outward against the bus and force is applied to the rear wheel. But because the force with which the shoes press on the clutch housing around it (and thus the resistance which the engine receives) depends on the rpm’s, the motor will run at a certain speed when acceleration from a standing. This speed can be adjusted with the strength springs.

After a few seconds of accelerating, the shoes are fully pressed down against the bus and the vario takes over acceleration. This transition is audible, mostly from low to high. Only if the scooter is so well tuned that the clutch speed is exactly equal to that of the vario, the transition of the coupling is not audible. The scooter then immediately pulls through from 0 km/h to top speed.

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