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Scooter air filter

An air filter filters the air entering the carburetor. The air is, of course, necessary for the combustion of the gasoline. Without oxygen, you can not burn. The air must be filtered because it is important that only clean air enters the cylinder. No grains of sand floating in the air. Would there be grains of sand or other dirt flowing through the air filter in the cylinder, then it is likely that after combustion the dirt will end up between the piston and the cylinder wall. This will result in scratching the cylinder wall and therefor a dead scooter.

Maintenance scooter

A well-maintained scooter will not only last longer but also looks better. From experience we know that a large part of the scooters that come in repairs at us are hardly maintained. Many repair costs could be avoided by better maintenance of the scooter. Do not wait too long with the maintenance of your scooter but make that appointment at Scooter Planet when your scooter is in need of maintenance!

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