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Scooter tuning and speed restriction

Tuning your scooter should be done by professionals. Your scooter gets new components, so it will drive different and it’s therefor possible to lose control of the vehicle. Especially when you have a new cylinder, ignition or crankshaft. Because it’s hard to replace these components, you run the risk of damaging the scooter. So come visit Scooter Planet for a tuning appointment.

Tuning the engine of the scooter

Normally every scooter has an engine block with a 50cc cylinder. Some people choose a 70cc cylinder, but the downside is that the flushing channels do not match. Then you can choose to have tune the crankcase, so that everything is adjusted. Tuning of the crankcase can range from customization of the flush valves to adjusting the crankcase pressure. This really gives a boost to engine power. Also cylinder tuning can be done in several degrees. A cylinder is in fact cast, so there is almost always unevenness in the cylinder. Level this or add special structures to get a power boost.

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Tuning is at your own risk!

Scooter Planet also offers various possibilities regarding speed restrictors for all brands of scooters. We can also exchange your cdi or put back your varia ring, so your scooter rides at original driving speed again.

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